Youth for Interfaith harmony workshop concludes


Sargodha:   Speakers at two-day workshop on “Youth for Interfaith Harmony” called for reducing tendencies of extremism, promoting interfaith harmony and preserving cultural diversity to ensure peace. Creating and promoting fraternity and harmony among various communities can help ensuring peace and prosperity in society, they added. Participants were told about the centrality of society in creating a peaceful environment. Unless people embrace each other, expecting state authorities to do is illogical. The Council of Islamic Ideology Chairman Dr Qibla Ayaz, Vice Chancellor Sargodha University Dr Ishtiaq Ahmad, Director PIPS Muhammad Aamir Rana, Senior Columnist Aslam Khan, Social Media activist Sabookh Syed and other eminent speakers, scholars and number of students attended the second day of the workshop. Dr Qibla Ayaz spoke about safeguarding minority rights and the role of the council in this regard. He said it was inevitable minorities would be dominated and overshadowed by people following the majority religion, adding that all religions sermonize similar truths and virtues which, along with social and cultural ethics, can be built upon to enhance interfaith bonding. Appreciating the cultural diversity, Dr Ishtiaq Ahmad said that diversity is our strength and the beautification of the society, and together we make a difference. He said Quaid-i-Azam believed in religious harmony and had assured people belonging to different religions that they would be free to practice their religion without any fear in Pakistan. Aslam Khan and Ms Saima Mubashra shed light on positive aspects of life and encouraged the youth to think critical and to be optimistic. The event was aimed at promoting interfaith harmony, initiating a dialogue on diversity and bringing together people from different faiths under one roof. The workshop culminated in scholarly talks and interactive sessions on potential topics, including “To be an underprivileged in Pakistan, culture, language and diversity, why think critically and what we learned” imparted knowledge about other faiths and creating interfaith youth groups. Moreover, a MoU was also signed between the University of Sargodha and Pakistan Institute for Peace Studies to extend cooperation in the areas of research and publications and to facilitate the exchange of scholars, academic ideas and initiatives for capacity building and mutual internships.The agreement was inked by Dr Ishtiaq Ahmad, Vice Chancellor Sargodha University, and Muhammed Aamir Rana Director PIPS.