The iconic Gwadar cricket stadium and its poor residents


Samina Aslam Qumbrani
Gwadar, with a population of 90,762, is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions of Balochistan. It is a famous port city which has now gained tremendous popularity because of its epic cricket stadium. A beautiful stadium built adjacent to the beach and surrounded by mountains. In fact, people are considering it as one of the world’s most beautiful cricket stadiums when its pictures went viral on the internet. In addition, a promotional PSL match between Quetta Gladiators and Karachi Kings is also expected to be played post PSL-finale.On the other hand, what’s deeply saddening is that Gwadar’s own residents are prohibited to enter that stadium or to play. Moreover, the residents of the city lack the basic necessities of life such as water, electricity, gas and well constructed roads.Furthermore, the government built CPEC project for economic purposes but the city’s own roads are still not constructed.Gwadar is also famous for its 5-star hotel on the hammerhead but still there is no¬† university for the local students. What is deeply concerning to the locals is that now the government is building a fence in the city meaning that the residents would not be able to access the new infrastructure. Considering the current situation, it appears that in future we might as well need passport to visit our own Gwadar city.