Man Gets Life Imprisonment In Murder Case By Model Trial Court Thatta


By Kamran Khamiso Khowaja

Thatta: The Model Trial court Thatta convicted Amir Khan Brohi in the murder case of Saiful Brohi. The First Additional Session Judge Thatta Allah Bachayo Gabol awarded life imprisonment to the prime accused Amir Khan Brohi and also handed additional five-year imprisonment for keeping illegal weapons. The Judge imposed a fine of Rs 1 lakh rupees on him as well here on Tuesday.
In his remarks the judge said; The statements of eyewitnesses and the evidence presented before the court proved that the prime accused had committed the murder and the murder weapon also belonged to him.
The other two accused Mureed Brohi and Moharam Brohi were exonerated as the charges could not be proved against them. Saiful Brohi was an employee of the Education department, Gunned down by Amir Khan Brohi near Chato Chand Some two years back.
Acclaimed lawyer of district Thatta Mr. Aijaz Jummani successfully pleaded on behalf of the complainants. General public extolled the efforts of Advocate Jummani for provision of justices to aggrieved and suppressed masses.