Increase Salaries


Riaz Ahmad Soomro
Given the severe impacts of rising inflation across the country, the Federal Government Employees have been demanding increase in their salaries from the incumbent government and staging sit-in in the capital since a long time. As the Government remained adamant not to increase their salaries, the employees had to protest against it in Islamabad. Instead of entertaining their legal demands appropriately, the government apparatus resorted to shelling, jailing, baton-charring and violence to disperse off the peaceful demonstrators.While the government blames of the protesters being played into the hands of the opposition it is a fact that when the protests or sit-ins are staged anywhere in the world, it is meant that either the government has failed to improve the conditions of the people or it turns blind eye to the core issues faced by them.The government must accept the legal demands of the Federal Government Employees and release the jailed demonstrators and should not have resorted to violence and high-handed tactics to shy away from its responsibilities.