Buffalo Day


Undoubtedly, Cattle are the largest source of milk and meat for humans. The buffalo is rare in the world and is found in only a few countries of the world including Pakistan. Cows dominate the milk market around the world, but buffaloes in the subcontinent meet the needs of meat and especially milk. Dairy and Cattle Farmers Association of Pakistan observed Buffalo Day on 2 March across the country. The association says the purpose of the day is to raise awareness among the public about the importance and usefulness of the buffalo. The association also vowed on National Buffalo Day, it will take part to save the precious breed and also to save the precious baby from slaughtering and to raise milk and meat production by raising them. The day’s historical background is that, In 2019, the statement of Agri-Tourism Development Corporation said that the National Food Security and Research, Livestock Departments, Veterinary University and other educational institutions as well as other concerned institutions should work together to celebrate this day and set aside March 2 for National Buffalo Day. By the same token, it is officially approved at the national level today. In spite of the number of buffaloes in Pakistan is 38.8 million and Sindh province has the second highest number of buffaloes after Punjab at 10.8 million, the best buffalo bread is found in Pakistan and among the most dairy animals, the Blue Ravi breed buffalo is prominent, which gives 10 to 12 kg of milk daily. Nonetheless, according to Shakir Umar Gujjar, the spirit of the association, the annual milk production in Pakistan is about 35.136 billion gallons of milk. But unfortunately, today we are trying to eradicate this black gold due to lack of government measures and public awareness that this animal which can benefit a family for more or less 20 to 25 years is only in the fifth year of its life. Lastly and most importantly, we are suffering from a shortage of buffaloes and the prices of buffaloes are skyrocketing in the markets on a daily basis.