Why dependency on fabricated politicians if PM is present? Abdali


Hajira,(Parliament Times) : Sardar Tanveer Ilyas must consider political maneuvers. Due to him, the growing popularity of the PTI is declining Sardar Asim Abdali’s leader PTI Baloch has expressed views regarding the political moves of Sardar Tanveer Ilyas and has said that the PTI was in a strong position in Azad Kashmir but some fabricated and self-styled leaders are bent on tarnishing its image. He said Prime Minister Imran Khan himself should consider all these things and settle matters. The political situation in Azad Kashmir is very different from that of the federation, so instead of dragging each other’s feet, we have to practice on the ground. He said that the PTI has to learn from the situation, and the respect of every politician who has his own stature is essential. Politics is not the name of airports, but a 24-hour relationship with the people. We need to eliminate individuality and start a collective cause. He said when everyone presents Imran Khan’s vision on the same platform through mutual consultation, the results will be achieved good.