International Civil Defence day, celebration March 1st 2021

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Sayed Sajid Shah
Every year international Civil Defence day, is celebrated throughout the world on 1st March. Pakistan being a member of the Civil Defence Organization (ICDO) also celebrate a day, with great pomp and show. On this special day, tribute is paid to the professional, experts and    volunteers of the organization in a well manner way. It also highlights the causes of Civil defence, its objectives, needs and impacts.On this day awareness could be raised incommunities about the ICDO. On this day seminars and symposiums are held Rallies and walks are carried out and speeches and articles are published in daily newspaper and Magzines. The various kinds of activities on the day means to understand the importance of the day, and also the role of professionals, experts and volunteers in case of emergency and disaster.The Civil Defence mechanism once was developed,had now evolved, with the passage of time according to its core principles, that how to protect the life and property of civilian people in case of War and tragedies. Besides this some additional protocols had been added to its core values to make it strong, purposeful and transparent with effective mechanism and clear vision. The Central office of the Civil Defence Organization (ICDO)is located in Geneva Switzerland. It was founded in 1931 by French Surgeon,General Georges Saint -Paul,to promote the creation of safety zones and to protect vulnerable populations and historic monuments in time of war .It becomes international organization and intergovernmental as well on March 1st ,1972. Meanwhile it has a body of 57 states,18 observers states and 23 affiliated members. It has a very enrich history of saving the humans from suffering especially, in the time of war. During the first world war the human causalities and misery brought a dreadful situation in the world when it saw heaps of coffins shattered in the cities of Europe with ugly outlook, bad smell and dirt. The second world war was still another pain for humans who witnessed more than eight hundred Million people killed and half of it wounded and amputated. In the second world war the use of Atmoic Bomb and lethal Gaseous had distrustful scene when the world saw the civil population of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in trouble. The question arises at a time was how to protect the civilian population from the rage of enemy, and in case of enemy attack on civilians, how the wounded shall be treated and the civilian should be protected? The principles of emergency operations, prevention, mitigation, preparation, response or emergency evocation and recovery were added to it. In the early 1920 during first world, war when the world see a huge bombardment on civilian population the need of the organization was felt severely . The world was vulnerable and it needs the human population to be protected rather than to victimized .The focus of change from Military attacks to emergency and rescue operations must be valued. Similarly, today ,the crisis management, emergency management, emergency preparedness, contingency plan, civil protection are important pillars to be strengthened. The professional team of experts of the organization had penetrated roots in the cause of saving the civilians in case of war and natural disaster but at the same time the attention of the world is also required. No doubt the social work job is done with the enthusiasm and spirit however, the volunteers had not been supported by governments to the protocols where they are signatories. Never they had encouraged or facilitated them at any level.In our communities there is no space for volunteer at home nor in a society. Just imagine the volunteers do social work and reaches to the emergency spot on their own expanses, labour but they are never recognized by our society. Is it not interesting that a tug of war had emerged many times on wearing uniform, which is only a symbol of identification during work time at the field level.A volunteer does not claim a single penny for the work he has done because he/she had dedicated himself/herself for the cause of humanity and is thoroughly working day and nightwithout a morsel of food and drop of water but they are still in social and economic problems .This year the ICDO is making its 90th anniversary, involving the world leader, governments ,NGOs Philanthropists to see their work and praised them what they did? The volunteers needs collaborative support to face the Challenges of 21st century. Every year a theme and slogans could be evolved by Geneva office according to the need and requirement of the world upheaval. Keeping in view the 2020 challenges faced by the world due to pandemic COVIAD-19 the Theme for 2021, has been selected as STRONG CIVIL PROTECTION TO   PRESERVE THE NATIONAL ECONOMY. Due to the Pandemic more than 100 Million people had been infected across the Globe. Although all over the world the volunteers of Civil defence have played dynamic role to sustain life. If we wish to live in a world with peace,prosperity and love we must respect the volunteers of ICDO. If we want that humans sufferings shall be minimized and controlled we must build the capacity of Volunteers, giving them respect and courage bedsides support, facilitation and love. Because they are fighting for the cause on part of every indivisiual on the planet.

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