Letters to the Editor


Baloch Missing Persons,
On Wednesday, the PML-N vice president Maryam Nawaz communicated about the Baloch missing person who had stayed a protest at D-Chowk Furthermore she aforementioned ” you have been placed in the corridors of power,” she said that this massage to prime minister Mr Imran khan and his Government faraway, she said” it is your duty to listen to these people”, that they are protesting for their relatives who are missing she more said the government should answered them and to acquaint their relatives that where actually they are, she said “victims are victims they should not be associated with any province” A part from this, she said Mr Imran khan should come to the D-Chowk and allocation the protesters she forenamed, “you haven’t accepted any commission till date ” A commission is of no use” , moreover if anyone has dedicated a crime, then there are court’s in the country to deal with it and if they are committed so court’s are there to punished them first the government should appearance the missing person where they are? it is failure of the state where there is no invulnerability for the civets Maryam Nawaz said, that a state is like a mother and if your Government can’t say to them, then you should communicate that they are alive or not the president Mr Imran khan should proceeds alternates for the missing person and should give authorization to balochistan nation.
Alia Asadullah,

Early marriages in Pakistan and it’s disadvantages:
“Give the children the weapon called education, they will definitely win the war called poverty”.
Education is a key determinate of better livelihood options, greyer economic mobility and an improved quality of life. It is the basic right of every individual. Even, in this modern world, yet girls, around the world gave disproportionate barriers to staying in school, including being forced into early marriages.
Child marriage is defined as a formal marriage or informal union before the age of 18 and is a reality for both girls and boys; however, girls are disproportionately the most affected.
Marriage before the age of 18 is a reality for many young women. In many parts of the world, parents encourage the marriage of their daughters while they are still children in hopes that the marriage will benefit them both financially and socially, they often think marriage will secure the future of their daughters but child marriage is not safe for alternative for girls child girls are more likely suffer physical, psychological and sexual violence.
If we talk about the ratio of child marriages in Pakistan, 18% of girls in Pakistan are married before their 18th birthday and 4% of girls are married before the age of 15. Pakistan has the sixth highest absolute number of women married or in the union before the age of 18 in the world. It is reportedly more prevalent in rural areas of Pakistan.
Early marriage leads to early pregnancy which increased the risk of complications during pregnancy and child birth. The increased risk of death or serious lasting complications such as obstetric fistula is greater for girls I early and middle adolescence.
Maternal deaths related to pregnancy and childbirth are an important component of mortality for girls aged 15-19 worldwide. The risk of dying from pregnancy related causes is four (4) times higher for adolescents under 16 years than for women in their early twenties. Child marriage has also shown to increase the likelihood of HIV infection and of domestic violence. Child brides are at risk of violence, abuse and exploitation.
Child marriage often results in girls leaving school, reducing their opportunity to learn to gain skills and then would enable them start an income generating activity or find a job. Child marriage reduces the girls possibility to obtain practical and emotional support and to participate in community activities with important consequences for their sense of wellbeing.
Muneezah Jokhio

High Cost of Menstrual Products:

The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern has announced period products will be free of charge in all schools to end period poverty. She said, ” Young people should not miss out their education because of something that is a normal part of life for half of the population. ” Such steps can really release the tension of those students who miss their studies for something that is a common procedure in their bodies. As well as due to poverty many cannot afford the high cost of paid and tampons. Similarly, in our country, thousands of female students miss out their education for weeks since they do not have access to menstrual products due to inflation and poverty. Most females in Pakistan use clothes in the days of periods which is the reason behind many risky diseases. The government should apply the same pattern in our country so that at least students will not have to miss their studies.