“Lack of hospitals in Kolowa”


Nadil Rahim bux
It is well- known that kolowa is one of a poor or big villages which is 50 kilometers away from Awaran district. It is clear that hospitals are the fundamental rights of public and they should be provided to every people. Unfortunately,in kolowa there is no good hospitals. Due to lack of hospitals many lives are being lost and many innocent poor people were died.Because they cannot afford to go for proper treatment one place to another. The people impacts belonging of biggest rights hospital owing to absence of hospitals in kolowa the people are being badly victimized viruses and other dangerous diseases. They are compelled to migrate away from the village by affording an immense amount and    facing many different problems. It pains to mention that yesterday a small cute boy was death in kolowa.Due to lack of hospitals and no good transport system .It is the responsibility of provincial government to take a strick action on such serious problem.