Annual Urs and fair of Hazrat Ghulam Shah kicks off in Sujawal


By Kamran Khamiso Khowaja

Sujawal: The Annual Urs of Hazrat Ghulam Shah commenced around 30 kilometers away from Sujawal here on Wednesday. Custodians of the shrine inaugurated the Annual Urs and fair by offering Fateha and laying Chadar on the shrine.
Hazrat Ghulam Shah was among the renowned Sufi Saints of the area along with Syed Shah Hussain and Hazrat Amir Shah in the 19th century who preached the message of love, peace, and interfaith harmony during his lifetime.
As the event could not take place last year following the pandemic a large number of devotees kept pouring in the shrine from different parts of the district to express their love and reverence for the renowned Sufi Saint.
” Number of Devotees will increase as the Urs progresses”; said a devotee with firm belief. Stalls of traditional foods, sweets, clothes, toys, and other household things were set up followed by an amusement site to inveigle the fun-fair enthusiasts and children.
“Malah Malakaro” -A competition of local wrestling is of distinct importance in every fair and festival of Sindh. Noted wrestlers-Pahelwans, from across the province had arrived there to take on each other and showcase their skills to earn the appreciation of their fans.
Mohammad Khan who hails from Umerkot and has set up an eatery alongside the main road two months ago said that; He was earning sufficient money but the fair had provided him an opportunity to become famous. He further added that it was an opportunity he would like to grab with both hands. The fair would be in full swing for three days.
15 Stung By Perilous Bee Near Thatta;
As many as 15 people were stung by the swarms of perilous honey bees in a locality near Thatta on Wednesday.
These people were working in their agricultural lands when swarms of dangerous honey bees appeared in a trice and attacked them, they tried to run away from there but the bees followed them wherever they turned and kept stinging.
All of them including a few in a dazed-state were taken to the hospital where they were provided with emergency treatment. Their condition was said to be out of danger.
For the past five years, the swarms of giant honey bees have been a constant threat to the lives of people in the district Thatta and Sujawal. It has made homes in trunks, trees, and bushes and is big as compared to a normal honey bee.