Khadija Foundation sets up free Hepatitis Vaccine camp at AFI




Rawalpindi,   (Parliament Times) : The Khadija Foundation had set up a special camp at the Faizabad Center of Anjuman-e-Faiz-ul-Islam (AFI) to provide Hepatitis Vaccine to the children and staff members of Anjuman-e-Faiz-ul-Islam. The Khadija Foundation was provided with the vaccine by Emson Pharma which was injected to more than 700 students of AFI and staff members.

Led by Doctor Syeda Rida Ghalib, the team comprising Dr. Maleeha and paramedical staff carried out the vaccination while Hamad Malik was also present to represent Emson Pharma.

Dr. Riaz Ahmed, Senior Vice and Acting President of Anjuman-e-Faiz-ul-Islam and Raja Fateh Khan, General Secretary welcomed the team members. They thanked Imran Khan, CEO of Haideri Beverages who is also the head of Khadija Foundation, and medical team including Farhan Asim, project in-charge of Emson Pharma.

The vaccine was given to the children and staff members of the school at Faizabad Center and Trunk Bazaar Markaz. The course of hepatitis injections consists of three vaccines. The next vaccine will be given one month later on March 24. Dr. Syeda Rida Ghalib told Dr. Riaz Ahmed and Raja Fateh Khan that the team of Khadija Foundation will visit the Mandra center of Anjuman-e-Faiz-ul-Islam on GT Road in next week and vaccinate the inhabtants of Anjuman-e-Faiz. The number of children and staff in the Mandra campus is about one thousand.

Similarly, for the next two days after the Mandra campus of AFI, children and staff will also be vaccinated at the AFI’s Doberan Kalan, Paka Kuha and Kalrian campuses. “Our organization is going to remote rural areas to raise awareness about jaundice, preventive measures and provide vaccines.