Holy Quran must be a compulsory subject of curriculum


Mujeeb Ali Samo
We as muslim believe that Quran is the holy scripture which complete in its composition and contain all knowledge of the world. The recitation of Quran gives mental and spiritual wellbeing. The holy Quran is complete guideline for all creation of the world. But, unfortunately it is seen that the majority of our people are unable to read and understand. It is therefore proposed that the government must make it compulsory subject in our curriculum at school, college and the university. Undoubtedly, the reading of Quran with comprehensive understanding will solve many problems of the people. The problems that we face today in the world. It is beyond any doubt that the holy book Quran teaches the lessons of morality. The book expatiates clearly events of past history. It justifies the reasons of fall and rise of nations. The sciences — astronomy, the laws of nature and medicine, to name a few — are also mentioned in this Universal Book. The purpose of mentioning scientific wonders is to focus people toward the marvels created by the Almighty, to bring about reflection upon the glory and grandeur of the Creator and to encourage further study in these different disciplines. No alterations of any kind have been made to the Holy Book; it has been    preserved as it was centuries ago. The Quran is used in its original Arabic from East to West. The text, to its last letter, is unchanged. The holy Quran is exhaustive in its explanation of codes of law among the mankind. It grants fair treatment to human being. The justice and harmony is emphasized in the verses of Quran. It carries vital message to create reciprocal relation among the people. These laws are for the smooth run of social order and maintaining the peace in the world. It is durable for the wellbeing of people. Quran also lays the emphasis on performing the social wrongs or evil act in the shape of reprimand. Just as Prophet Muhammad was sent as a mercy to the world, the Holy Quran was sent as a book of guidance for all humankind. Muslims believe that the Almighty Lord has always provided a guide or book of laws to teach and direct human beings. We believe that the Holy Quran is the last of revelations entirely from God. It is not a book derived from other sacred books. In fact, we believe the revelation to the prophet Muhammad took place over a period of 23 years in the cities of Mecca and Medina through the angel Gabriel. The Holy Quran is composed of 114 chapters and is divided into 30 parts. Just as Prophet Muhammad was sent as a mercy to the world, the Holy Quran was sent as a book of guidance for all humankind as it states in Chapter 81 verse 27: “Verily this is no less than a message to (all the worlds).” Our society is facing today all the heinous problems and these sort of issues are devastating the people mentally, physically and spiritually. The solution to all evils is mentioned in the Quran. The Quran speaks of life in this world and the hereafter. One-third of the book consists of the Islamic code of laws, one-third includes the history of humankind, and one-third covers religious, moral, economic, social and political issues that people face day to day. So, it is high time that we being a muslim country and the noble human living in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan must ensure the reading of holy Quran with the core of heart as a subject of guidance. Our educational institutions are engaged in teaching the western standard of education at the stake of our own basic education. There is no any subject inclusive in our curriculum which is completely based on the contents of morality, ethics and the socially constructed on the principles of Holy Quran. The rich and complete guidance is laid in holy Quran and is for wellbeing of the people. It is with utter disappointment to say that we have imparted the qualification to the students but not real education to make them good humans. Our private and the government educational institutions have not properly designed the syllabus where the basic and fundamental principles are taught like helping the poor in need, respecting the women, caring the children, making harmony with other religions, respecting the law, following the set principles of institutions of the state, be sincere to oneself and the work at duty, discharge the service honestly, fairly earning money for survival of life and so on etc . We are rather focusing on the western style of learning and even their we have failed. Learning in English medium educational institution and dressing like English person is not bad. It is the need of time but we must    not forget that we are muslims and the noble humans. We are to educate the children and I self as good humans with noble character. The basic aim education is to refine the character and develop the personality with cooperative attitude and conventional behaviour. We being chosen people of and lucky ummati of the last Prophet Muhammad(pbuh). We must be role model for others. Our code and conduct of life must display as peaceful people who are following the basic modalities of life. The cleaning the society at all sides. No garbage inside the vicinity of house nor at the backdoor of house. No cause of nuisance for neighbors while raising the sound of speakers and creating hurdles near their houses. No blocking the roads for your mean demands by burning the tiers while hostaging the passerby vehicles. If their is wrong at the side of the state for that there is law and established judicial process. We holding public vehicles bring loss to the common people who are to go for their work. We are followers of the last Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). His code of conduct and life is exemplary for us. He taught us to be noble in character and best in conduct to the fellow human being. All the good features are enunciated in the holy Quran. The last holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has stressed to read holy Quran for your guidance. To follow him as role model we as nation must teach our children at educational institutions the holy Quran as compulsory subject so that our children become good humans and fellow the right principles.