“Diabetes is a worldwide disease too”

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Syed Amir Shah
When the Coronavirus broke out, first in China’s Wuhan and followed by its neighbour Iran and piecemeal spread worldwide. Circumstance took a serious turn within a short period of time, in which hundreds of thousands of people were contracting the respiratory virus and it induced a must strict lockdown in almost all over the world. As yet Condition deemed adverse, peoples ware dying from the Coronavirus at a large scale across the globe and death tool was unprecedently increasing day by day and that became an alarm.    In such an hair-raising environment the scientists from the advanced countries lost their sleeps just for the sake of saving peoples’ precious lives and had been working diligently day and night over the lethal Covid-19, in order to dig out the core reason of sudden its emergence, spread and ultimately, cope with the pandemic by minting antidote to it. After full-blown endeavours, the UK excelled and became the first country to invent Pfizer and bioNTech vaccine for the Covid-19 pandemic. Likewise, diabetes as a silent killer is also a worldwide disease. Millions of people are suffering from diabetes around the world and it has snatched lives of millions of people so far. The grave blow for the biabetes patient is that she is lagged behind psychologically and physically in most of the spheres of life and embarks on suffering from not only one diabetes but also other multiple diseases caused by it as reported, fluctuation in blood pressure, loss of eyesight, kidney failure, damaging nerves and becoming cardiac patient. While the diabetes is reportedly included in the top ten causes of death. In addition, according to world Health Organisation (WHO) three people are dying in a minute or 4,320 every day across the globe. Medical scientists must ponder over this formidable disease, it is not less than the most dangerous disease too. Certainly, there are numerous physical therapies, physical exercises and medical treatment for the diabetes that are efficacious to be relieved only for limited span of time.However, medical science has remarkable progress, as promptly researches were conducted for the vaccine of Coronavirus and invested it steadfastly too, with the same verve a holistic cure of the diabetes is dire need of the time that must be invested to root out the fatal disease permanently.

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