Speakers paid glowing tributes to Rasool Bux Palijo on his 91st Birthday


By Kamran Khamiso Khowaja

Thatta: People hailing from different sheds of life reached Makli Gymkhana to attend Jashn-E- Paliejo an event organized by the Awami Tehreek Labour wing to Commemorate the 91st Birthday of acclaimed Jurist, Philosopher, Author, and learned Politician Rasool Bux Paliejo.
Speakers at the event GN Khoso, Marvi Paliejo, Ramzan Memon, Iqbal Shaheen, Dr. Munir Jaffarani, and others extolled the work of Rasool Bux Paliejo and Said he was a polymath known for his contributions. They further said that; Rasool Bux Paliejo was an erudite with marvelous knowledge of different subjects, Besides he was a linguist par excellence having stupendous command over Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai,s Poetry.
Elucidating his Political contributions they said that Rasool Bux Paliejo created awareness among the poor people and depressed women of our society, he inculcated them with the courage to grapple for their rights. Dr. Marvi Paliejo the Chief Guest at the event called Rasool Bux Paliejo an insightful Leader of South Asia and said that; His services and literary work had offered a lot to learn for generations to come.
His philosophy and ideas would help us face testing times with gallantry and fearlessness. At the end of the event Khushbo Laghari, a noted Singer paid a melodious tribute to Rasool Bux Palijo. Cake Cutting ceremonies were held across the district to mark the birth anniversary of Rasool Bux Paliejo who created mass awareness throughout his life.
Earlier journalists staged a demonstration outside Makli Press Club demanding all spoken languages to be made national languages of the country on the eve of International Mother language day. They urged the Sindh government to take measures for promoting the Sindhi Language, the demonstration was led by Secretary-General Makli Press Club Mahboob Brohi.