Societies with indecent thoughts

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Alia Asadullah
A civil where a girl will born then majority of that house members are farlarn accepts the parents and latterly they will compel to feel their parents the same thing too and this is the reality fact of the society Faraway the small child who is growing spite of bestowing love to her they will feel the little child that we don’t like you and bit by bit they talk in front of her, they don’t even anticipate it can make the little child mournful and can paraphernalia the child mind but who do bother? because we are talking about a girl! And there is no one who speaks about girls , no one apperceive how the girls cry behind closed doors? and they are the women who born boys and that boys are the same sons of the mother’s who are against of them how an incredible world is this, how can we be so blind to see the real truth of the societies, A part from this if such societies a girl still want to come out then that girl will be targeted to the people of societies, in our society everyone’s talk aginist of female gender and give bad examples to Female’s they use to say that women will be in hill, women can’t think good for society, women are evils, women formulate problems, women are unlucky, I just want to ask some questions to them, A mother who has birth you , a sister who perpetually loves you, a wife who eliminate her desires for you then how you can use such words for a female? that they are evils I pity on the conservative males of the society whose thoughts are so and as a female I testify that a society where such acts are being with Females than that state would never be successful which will do prejudicial for women moreover I think now it’s enough to do prejudicial of both genders, our hopes are still alive that in one day the difference which the societies do to both genders it would be vanish soon.

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