This insurrection began with Trump attempt to nullify Biden’s win. The ideal that White extremist terrorist which included ex-military persons, Air force veterans, and police members from as far as California, Texas and Washington State could commit insurrection at U.S. capital by killing police officer and go home without being accountable shows the impunity certain people have.The Whites, Rich and powerful. This insurrection was carried out with military precision. These thugs who descended on the Capital with weapons and zip ties, searched for lawmakers, ransacked, and destroyed their offices, urinated, and defecated the building, fought the police with baseball bats, flagpoles, and fire extinguisher. 140 police officers sustained injuries, one died and two committed suicide. One officer lost three fingers while many received injuries to spinal code, ribs, eye, and experience brain trauma. This was mental and emotional trauma for the law enforcement officers. The storming of the Capitol was an open rebellion by White extremist groups like Prod Boys, QAnon, Oath keepers, Boogaloo who carried confederated flags and flags with Roman numeral III. Failure to provide adequate security despite plea from Capital police and government official shows tacit approval for the insurrection. Why did not the sergeants of arm in both House and Senate did not call for National Guards. Why was Police Chief Steven Sund request for backup forces denied initially? Why were White Supremacists given welcoming red carpet at the Capitol while BLM peace demonstrators are murdered? It is amazing how the law enforcement officers were accommodating these thugs of white protestors, who wanted to kill members of Congress including Nancy Pelosi and Vice president Mike Pence who had assembled to certify the elections. This is stark contrast to how BLM protestors were treated by the law enforcement officer around the country. It is a deceitful, and hypocrisy how Black protests are portrayed. The white Supremacist are the major threat than Muslims or Jews. In fact, the FBI reports have indicated that more American were killed by right-wing extremist    Christian Terrorist) than by Muslim terrorist. The reality is that this country has never hold White privilege accountable for their violence and they have always got away from the criminal justice system at the expense of black and brown. For decades there is an entrenched racism and infiltration of white nationalism in the police force and military The insurrection and the second impeachment of Donald Trump show Senator’s treachery and betrayal of the constitutional duty. These Senators have not acknowledged the loss of Trump. The truth and the facts are that impeachment mangers making a compelling case that Donald Trump was the chief architect of the insurrection, but they still voted to acquit him. It is sad that the seven republican senators who voted to impeach will now face punishment by the GOP. This demonstrates the those in power will never hold privilege and rich accountable.Those senators who did not vote to impeach are like Hermit on the mountain holding a staff and lantern searching for truth? This was disgusting performance by the GOP Senators.There was no accountability and hypocrisy of a country founded on racism, genocide, slavery and land theft from the American Indians.