Relationship of Bribe with Police


Siraj Ahmed Abbasi
When we hear the word police the next word comes in our mind is bribe. Psychologically it is saved in our mind that police don’t work with honestly, earnestly and with so much zeal and we might not be wrong because we see such activities surrounding our society, but in this, police is not wrong because this environment has been created from many times, thousands of the CSPs allocate every year and they come with enthusiastic and spiritual spirit to bring change but gradually they become part of this unbearable environment after getting discouragement of this crucial environment, the politicians, landolards, minster’s, and many resourceful personalities has created this environment that police works under them to decorate their reputation. The police is not independent as police should be to make society peaceful. Look at the foreign countries like, Japan, USA, Itlay, Canada, Netherlands, they are ranked in the top list,  just because of their first pirioty is to please the public not politicians or landlord’s, Their is no issue of bribe in foreign countries just because of their less involvement in police, their police works independentally and bravely due to the lack care of any politicians and they work to protect the citizens, and our Pakistan’s police has been ranked among the most corrupt institutions in the country in a survey by an international anti-graft watchdog. Many citizens believe that the police is the most corrupt sector of the Pakistani government. Police brutality, extortion, bribery and arresting innocent citizens are all crimes that have been committed among Pakistan’s police forces. AJK police ranked top being worst in corruption and abusing. Punjab police is second worst police in Pakistan. but here the police misused by the different unlawful works so that’s brutally harming the society and decreasing the respect of police inside the heart of common people’s, this trend needs to be changed to create a honorable image of police. It is possible when the police will work to please common people’s not to politicians or rich man.