Nationalist Icon Rasool Bux Paliejo Being Observed Today


Kamran Khamiso Khowaja

The 91st Birthday of Eminent leftist, Human Right Activist, Progressive political leader and author of several books Rasool Bux Paliejo is being observed today. Different events are scheduled to be held across the province and in his native district Thatta by Qaumi Awami Taherikh, Awami Taherikh, and other Nationalist Parties and groups of Sindh. Born in Village Mughar Khan Paliejo near Jungshahi a small town near Thatta on 21 February 1930, Rasool Bux Palijo was an iconic figure of Sindhs Nationalist politics and was deeply concerned about the issues confronted by the poor masses of Sindh. He received his early education from Sindh Madratul Islam one of the most prestigious institutes of the subcontinent,s history, and completed his LLB from Sindh Muslim Law College Karachi. As a young lawyer Paliejo started taking interest in cases related to Human Rights and aimed at creating awareness among the people of Sindh about the gusty norms and trends being prevalent in the society. When Hyder Bux Jatoi and GM Syed initiated the Anti-One Unit drive he worked shoulder to shoulder with them for the dissolution of one unit. For dictators he was always a bitter opponent to deal with. He was adored by his allies and respected by his foes too for his definite stance about Sindh, he was of the view that Sindh must get its due rights according to the historical Lahore Resolution of 1940. Clearing doubts about the date of birth of Rasool Bux Palejo that raised after some nationalist groups and a few of his family members celebrated the birthday on 20th January this year, his son and political successor Ayaz Latif Palejo said that His Father ” Baba Sain” always told of his birth in the    days of bleak winter without referring to any particular date, but the date of birth mentioned in his National identity card was 21st February and most of the birthdays in his lifetime were celebrated on that date. Under an intrigue the date of a legend,s birth was tried to be made controversial; He added.Author of several books Rasool Bux Palejo was an active member of Sindh Adabi Sanghat and holds the credit of introducing literary festivals in the rural areas of Sindh. MRD, a country-wide movement against the dictatorial regime of General Zia-ul-Haq got tremendous public response owing to the efforts of Rasool Bux Palejo and his cordial friend Fazil Rahu. He and his wife Zareena Baloch- A noted Singer and Human Rights Activist formed Sindiyani Taherikh meant to promote the subjugated women of underprivileged areas of Sindh. During every campaign launched for the rights of Sindh, he remained on the forefront and candidly advocated Sindh,s riparian rights and successfully initiated ,Anti-Kalabagh and Anti-Thall Canal Movement. Late Rasool Bux Paliejo introduced modern literary trends by authoring books on different topics. Besides he also tried his hand at poetry. He was incarcerated a number of times for his struggles and was given the title of the “Prisoner of Conscience” by Amnesty International in 1981. Rasool Bux Palejo passed away on 7 June 2018 after a protracted illness, his last resting place is in his native village Mughar Khan Palejo, a few kilometers away from Thatta. A large number of his supporters still follow his school of thought and is regarded as an iconic figure of Pakistan,s Political history.