Addressing the issues faced by Muslim community in Europe from Shariah and legal perspective


Sanaullah Kalwar
Europe is home to an estimated 741.4m people following the Islamic faith, it makes 44m (6%) of the entire population Muslims the second largest religion within the continent by population. It’s also been predicted that the quantity of European Muslims will double in coming decade. Furthermore, among the Muslim community living in Europe majority of them are quite young, so there’s definitely an outsized number of potential for mortgage of properties, automobile insurance, house loans, credit cards, and consumer loans. Therefore there’s need of plenty of work to be finished for the easiness of Muslims living there in Europe. Nowadays we are concerned with the main problems Muslims facing in Europe specially of constitutional principle, about the identity of Muslims not to be labeled as dishonest, terrorist etc. Muslims, such as Christian or an atheist among all others has right to not be labeled as mentioned above because of his religious affiliations. If Muslims living in Canada are being labeled as terrorists, dishonest or something like that it weakens the relation of citizens with state and reduces the worth of relationship between them. To be a Muslim is to belong to the Ummah, to the community of believes his only dimension made possible through relationship, communion, sharing and recognition and increases the Islamophobia. THEN there’s stereotyping the media, Mass media have huge reach in society and are a key filter through which individuals study one another, yet countless studies demonstrate that these media still reproduce ethnic and racial stereotypes often harmful effects. In 21st century, media became the most important source of knowledge. However it’s noticed    that the gap between the truth portrayed in media and therefore the reality itself. The press emphasizes its mission to tell people by telling facts, presenting problems, giving different views, but the stories are interpreted in subjective way and only to particular audience. There’s not enough attention drawn to manipulative (hidden) power that forms the social reality in political and other social sciences. The media points a selected problem, creates images of social figures and then constantly presents objects and phenomenon how people should think. However, there’s not enough research tired order to say these statements as facts. In 21st century, media doesn’t put enough attention to particular social groups’ stigma – there’s not much published research, related with marginalization of Muslims’ societies. It’s thought, that media not only presents facts and truth the way they’re, but is additionally a mediator, which helps to make a selected view. Media portrays only the image of “the agreed reality” (as a stereotype), which modify people’s thinking, feelings, or behavior. The subjective information is incorporated to “common knowledge” or schemes that folks have of specific groups. Therefore it has been noted as new insights of the media is getting used against the Muslim population in Europe to point out them as terrorists, and the freedom of speech problem distracted attention from reality and spread the false and baseless information against the community. THEN discrimination and poor treatment of Muslims Muslims throughout Europe live under discriminations due to their religion affiliations, which has physical or verbal attacks on property, place of worship, and folks –especially those that display a visual manifestation of their religious identity like women wearing the Hijab and Naqab, verbal or online threats of violence abuse, policy or legislation that obliquely target or disproportionately affect Muslims, and unduly restrict their freedom of faith, discrimination in education, employment, housing, or access to goods and services, ethnic and spiritual profiling and police abuse and so on, since long Muslims face such problems in Europe. THEN to legally obtain loan one in every of the main problem Muslims face in Europe territory is that they can’t legally obtain a loan from banks to make a house, buy a car, or to shop for a land due to non-permissibility of interest in Islam. If we speak about the automobile insurance it’s also forbidden in Shariah but compulsory for them by states and same is the case with insurance. THEN there’s need of work in courts which adjudicate the Muslim family issues in accordance with injunctions of Islam as laid down in Holy Quran and Sunnah.So keeping in view the all visible issues mentioned above, there’s immense need to have some focused work on it so that the dilemma that many Muslims face in Europe and which are incredibly important, and how to publicly manage their religious identity and may live peaceful life in accordance with Islam. Therefore there must be done some work which enables an optimal way forward for the Muslims living in Europe.