Over speeding


Waseem Ahmed
I remember, my brother once told me, ” dear! do not ride fast and do not over speed.” His words were fun for me and I thought he is old that’s why he is afraid of. But, I recalled his words and felt pitty on myself the day when I on my own eyes saw a motorcyclist coming under a big vehicle. He died on the spot. He was too young to relinquish life. I was really bewildered to see that. From that day, I committed to not over speed. Moreover, we often find youngsters riding very fast; resultantly, they lost their life or are found in a miserable condition. No doubt, over speeding is pleasurable but the result is very tragical. People must care when riding and even driving. we can also reach our destination by moving slow and cautiously. Avoiding over speeding does not mean that we are coward rather it shows our carelessness. We must    abide by the words of our seniors as they have experienced everything. If they ask us to not go for over speeding, it means there is a reason and the reason is: over speeding demands something big in shape of death or making someone disabled.