Balochistan woes

Waseem Ahmed
Balochistan considered the largest province of Pakistan finds itself helpless; when witnessing itself unwatched. It feels pity on it_ being called natural resourceful province and what a misery people living on God gifted land name themselves ill-fated. Doubtlessly, the land is not what it is to be. There are several woes the land is facing and there is no one to condole the voiceless land. Firstly, gas_ as all know comes from sui, a tehsil in Dera Bughti of Balochistan_ is not provided to Dera Bughti and Balochistan at all. How would a nation not be disappointed if its morsel is snatched from its mouth? Same is the case with Balochistan. Not to talk of entire Balochistan even in sui after sixty to eighty kilometers there is inaccessibility of gas; whereas, VIPs (very important persons) living hundreds and thousands of kilometers away from Dera Bughti are availing gas. It is really flabbergasted not only for people living in Balochistan but for every humanist. Moreover, Balochistan is also in the dearth of electricity_ one of the    needed elements of life. according to a report, energy demand of Balochistan is around 1650 megawatt but it is being supplied in the range of 400 to 600 MW, resulting in massive electricity dearth. And where are one thousand fifty megawatts? Who is answerable for that? Secondly, people living in interior Balochistan are lighting themselves through candles instead of enjoying technical inventions. No doubt, there are numerous power plants for the generation of electricity such as; Hubco. But still they are in the wretched condition. Haplessly, there is also scarcity of reservoirs and dams in the province. Owing to lack of reservoirs, there is deficiency of water. Because when it rains, the whole water is wasted. And in need there is few water to quench the thirst of people. Sometimes, they even drink the unclean water. Additionally, the fewer dams available and chock-full of water do not provide the water to inhabitants. No one knows, whether the water evaporates or is supplied to others. The citizens after not getting water from dams buy water from tankers; one water tanker costs almost 2000 to 3000 thousand which a poor cannot pay. Even if he pays so he cannot go with the same water lifelong. He has to buy again and again which consumes much money. More importantly, education said to be the most powerful weapon is invisible and even perished in Balochistan. Balochistan is nothing in terms of education as compared to other provinces of the country, especially in practical education. According to a report, Balochistan is the land where children are out of schools and it is named the home of not-school-going-children. Even, according to article 25-A of the constituent, it is obligatory to the state to educate the citizens till secondary. But, alas! It is not so in Balochistan. Certainly, there are teachers but who will teach if teachers are not performing their duty honestly and also there is no pressure by the government. Here, females are forced to marry in the age of 15 or 16 while in other parts of the country females are pushed towards a good career, this is because of the nonseriousness of government. The government must focus on Balochistan. Government must take every possible measure to provide Balochistan what it deserves and needs. Government ought to focus on building good institutions and bringing good teachers in order that Baloch may know their existence and enlighten themselves. Apart from this, there should be such rules and steps that a female should not be forced to marry and she should be allowed to study whatever she wants. Her voice must not be cringed. The land and nation should be made realize that they are neither ignored nor deprived.

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