Pak-US hopes


The US has been adjacent and neighbor to Pakistan since 2001. But the most important point in bilateral relations is to speak as equally, which was neglected by the US during the last few decades. Here, the question itself asks ” What will be crescent recipient Biden’s policy for Pakistan” ? Yes. Joe Biden was awarded Pakistan’s highest civilian honor in 2011. Biden was sworn in as 46th president of the US on January 20, 2021. Last year, The Independent Urdu; a private news channel posed this question to prominent Pakistani analysts in the United States regarding PAKISTAN-UNITED STATES Relationships. Previously, President Trump’s policy had hurt Pakistan because the pace at which defense cooperation between the United States and India was increasing, it has damaged Pakistan’s strategic position. But after Biden’s victory, he can reverse, suspend and completely abolish many of the major decisions and actions taken by President Donald Trump.

But the American people can also be expected to re-establish ties with Joe Biden’s old allies; Pakistan will be the top priority. The Director of the South and Central Asia Program at the National Defense University of the United States Dr. Hassan Abbas is told that the Biden administration would be very active with Pakistan, especially on the issue of Afghanistan. But, things are not so easy as they look after Biden’s victory. If we look at history, a new difficult period for Pakistan has begun: Pak-US relationship. It is also a fact that Pakistan has historically enjoyed good relations with the United States under the Republican administration and relationship has been usually strained under the democratic era. Unlike the Democratic Party, the Republican Party did not care whether Pakistan was a democracy or a dictatorship. Therefore, improving relations with the United States and strengthening democratic institutions in Pakistan requires that Pakistan must promote democratic values ??in the country. For this purpose, Pakistan must walk on the track of national interest.