IEP-IRC holds professional development program on ‘Project Dispute Resolution’


ISLAMABAD,    (Parliament Times) : Institution of Engineers, Pakistan (IEP) Rawalpindi-Islamabad Centre organized a technical lecture for graduate engineers on the topic of ‘Project Dispute Resolution’ to highlight the issues in Project Management.

The event was arranged by the Center as a part of its continuing professional development program (CPD) for the Engineers and was conducted by Engr. Ahmad Shamim.

Engr. Prof. Dr. Attaullah Shah, Vice Chancellor Karakorum International University, Gilgit was the Resource Person who explained in detail various aspects of ‘Project Dispute Resolution’ that entailed categories of conflict in Projects, major sources of disputes in projects and conflict resolution strategies, principles of contract administration and mechanisms to resolve contractual disputes. He emphasized that protection from emotional shrapnel has to be ensured.

The Resource Person gave examples of disputes during the course of his Project Management in three large universities, where most of the encountered disputes were resolved. Also reference was made to a Mega Mining and Motorway Project where dispute resolution could not be done as a result it incurred great loss to the national exchequer. He said that conflicts are part of Project Management and a good Leader should have the competency to resolve the disputes.

Dr. Attaullah said that the most of the observed conflicts are related to delay in completion of projects.

The Chief Guest was of the view that the developed countries have made the process simple by adopting online systems but we are far behind with outdated systems and were not ready to get rid of them.

Engineers were advised to keep close watch on all matters and use their best abilities in carrying out any project. Engineers must prepare a rough schedule before launch of any project, consider it a challenge to ensure its timely completion as it was vital for their credibility.

Dr. Shah further advised engineers not to comprise on rules and regulations and keep away from corrupt practices. Caution also has to be exercised about bidding documents and while signing a contract.

On the occasion Dr Ataullah said engineers should be allowed to take decisions regarding technical matters instead of decisions being imposed on them.
In the end, Questions and Answer session was held in which Dr Attaullah Shah and Engr Hafiz M. Ehsan ul Haq Qazi comprehensively responded to the questions of the participants.