Raja Yasir Advocate elected as President District Bar Association Haveli


Haveli Kahuta, ( Umar Butt) :  District Bar Association Election was held here in bar room Kahuta in which Raja Yasir Advocate got 22 vote against opposite Candidate Shiekh Shakeel Ahmed Advocate and elected as president of Bar Association Haveli here on Saturday.
His opponents got 17 votes in the position of presidency.
Meanwhile Raja Zameer Rathore Advocate Rathore was elected unopposed as Vice President. In Election after a close contest for the position of General Secretary, Khalid Chauhan Advocate won with 19 votes while Ashiq Gilani Advocate got 17 vote in this regards.
As no opponents for Joint Secretary position Ghazanfar Ali Waqas Advocate appointed unopposed as Joint Secretary of Bar Association of District Haveli.
Election was held under the presidency of Chairman Election Board Chaudhry Muhammad Akhtar Advocate while other members of Election Board included Raja Saghir Ahmed Advocate and Chaudhry Mumtaz Advocate were also there.