Karachi:  An impressive and colorful Flags Hoisting Ceremony was
held at Pakistan Navy Dockyard, Karachi, to formally commence the proceedings of
Multinational Maritime Exercise AMAN-21. A large number of senior military
representatives from participating countries, observers, diplomats and Pakistan Navy
officials attended the ceremony. The opening of the Exercise was marked with
simultaneous hoisting of Flags of all the participating nations of AMAN-21.
The Message of Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiral Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi
was read during the ceremony. In his message, the Naval Chief warmly welcomed the
participants of Exercise AMAN-21, the 7th edition of Pakistan Navy’s AMAN initiative.
The Admiral underlined that the AMAN Exercise will provide a medium to develop
doctrinal synergy to tackle maritime security challenges and to enhance interoperability
amongst navies at different pedestals of the technological prowess to come together
and secure a sustainable maritime environment. The Naval Chief in his message also
highlighted Pakistan Navy's initiative of Regional Maritime Security Patrols (RMSP) to
fulfill international obligations beside protection of national interests in the Indian Ocean
Region and emphasized that the camaraderie generated herein will continue to grow
and bring us even closer to the cherished goals of realizing regional peace and shared
prosperity through collaborative efforts.
Speaking on the occasion, Commander Pakistan Fleet, Rear Admiral Naveed
Ashraf warmly welcomed all the participants and thanked them for their enthusiastic
participation in the Exercise. He sought their cooperation in achieving the Exercise
objectives and hoped that the Exercise would prove mutually rewarding for all. While
highlighting the importance of the Exercise in enhancing interoperability between the
navies, Commander Pakistan Fleet praised the participating countries for their support
towards Pakistan's quest for peace and order at sea. He also acknowledged the flags
of participating countries from across the globe fluttering together as an embodiment of
the Exercise motto, 'Together for Peace'.
AMAN-21, the 7th Exercise of the AMAN series is being held from 11-16 February
2021. The exercise is one of the mega events of Pakistan Navy held biennially to
signify the commitment towards making seas safer for positive human activities while
inviting regional and extra-regional navies. This year the AMAN Exercise is being
attended by up to 45 countries with their ships, aircraft, Special Operation Forces and a
large number of observers.
Besides, National Institute of Maritime Affairs (NIMA), under the auspices of
Pakistan Navy, is holding International Maritime Conference (IMC-21) from 13 to 15
February 2021. International Maritime Conference would cover the thoughts of

distinguished International and National scholars on the theme of “Development of
Blue Economy under a Secure and Sustainable Environment: A Shared Future for
Western Indian Ocean Region”.