Senate elections schedule


When Pakistan broke up in 1971, one of the main reasons for its breakdown was that governments did not pay attention to small provinces. When the country collapsed, the upper house, the Senate, was formed after 1971 so that all the smaller provinces would be represented like the larger provinces. The Senate is often the upper house in countries with a parliamentary democracy. The Senate is the upper house of the Parliament of Pakistan. Its elections are held every three years for half the number of seats. The term of members is 6 years. According to the Elections Act-2017, the Election Commission has the sole authority to conduct the Senate Elections.

The Election Commission of Pakistan has issued a schedule for the Senate elections, according to which polling for the Senate elections will take place on 3 March. The 52 members of the Senate will retire on 11 March after completing their six-year term, after which elections will be held for 48 seats. In the last election, the Election Commission had released the election schedule on 2 February, 2018. All four provincial assemblies voted for Senate candidates in March. According to Election Commission of Pakistan sources, nomination papers for the Senate elections can be submitted from 12 February to 13 February. Election Commission of Pakistan sources have further said that the scrutiny of nomination papers for the Senate elections will take place on 15 to 16 February also the names of the candidates nominated for the Senate elections will be posted on 14 February. The newly elected senators will be sworn in on 11 March. The election schedule for the Senate will be released on 11 February. Meanwhile, After the Senate elections, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) appears to be emerging as the largest party in the Senate with 28 seats. However, this will not be enough for a majority in the 100-member upper house and the ruling party faces stiff resistance.