Open Letter to Peace


Dr Muhammad Tahir Tabassum
With the growing atrocities of the Indian government, on the innocent kashmiris, many new tactics come into existence with time. Government has empowered different agencies with limitless access and special powers to suppress each and every voice that rises against the brutality of india. Besides the common masses who seek freedom and demand the provision of basic human rights the innocent youth and students are victimized and killed in the name of fake encounters. This is the veiled genocide in the Kashmir that India has been committing since ’90s. The intellectual and educational future of the Kashmiris is set into dark with the prolonged lockdown and shutdown forcefully implemented by the government with the use of security forces. All this leads to the economical drainage and common public sufferings resulting in the criminalization of innocent teenagers who strive for their conducive survival. The biggest of the tactics that india has introduced is to lodge youth in different jails with the Investigation handed over to NIA (National interrogation agency) which drag the small cases to years with the long lists of self prepared witnesses exceeding to 300 in number in small cases. Hundreds of students have been taken up by the said agency and have been lodged in different jails of jammu and kashmir with the very tactical delay in the court hearings and judicial approach, moreover judiciary is no more free in the Modi India because NIA has their own court and the decisions and delays are made by the NIA not by the court of law. Special attention of International Communities is required to help student prisoners of Kashmir to be set free soon. Thousands of families are suffering because of the fact that their only caretakers and bread earners have been incarcerated.Most of Kashmiri leadership including Shabir Ahmed Shah, Yasin Malik, Dr Qasim Fectoo, Aasyia Andrabi, Musarat Alam are in jails without any medical treatments. APHC leaders Syed Ali Gillani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, Zaffar Akbar Bhat and many others have been under house arrest for many months.Many Kashmiri activists, journalists and intellectuals are facing fake cases in kangaroo courts.  INSPAD appeals to United Nations, OIC, European Union, African Union, Asean countries & all international organisations and head of the states to play their role for a peaceful atmosphere in Kashmir and save the South Asian region to solve the Kashmir issue with meaningful and composites dialogue.

(-President Institute of Peace and Development INSPAD Secretary General International Harmony council Islamabad, Pakistan)