YPP, MoFA to present Kashmiri Cultural Song NIGAROO


Islamabad,   (Parliament Times) : President Youth Parliament of Pakistan Mr. Ubaid Qureshi in a statement said; Youth Parliament took the initiative to present a Kashmiri language cultural song. In contrast, the ministry of foreign affairs took the lead to release it to pay tribute to Jammu & Kashmir’s people. The song will be released on dated Feb 11, 2021, in the Kashmiri cultural exhibition organized by Foreign Office. This song’s primary theme is to depict Kashmiri cultural and divided family’s image across the globe.

President Youth Parliament Mr. Ubaid Qureshi said: NIGAROO is a visual representation of Kashmiri love and separation at Line of Control, presenting a soft cultural image to the world. The song is based on the pure Kashmiri language, which was learned and re-read by Zohaib Zaman, an executive member of the Youth Parliament, who has performed various other cultural songs in the past. Kashmiri’s played important role in writing, composing, singing and presentation of this song known as “NIGAROO”. This song was written in IIOJK while it is sing by a young man from Azad Kashmir and it does not include any financial support from any brand or personality. It is also a non-commercial and non-profitable song but it is a voluntary attempt of the Youth Parliament to express the spirit of patriotism for Kashmir. The vision of this song is to better represent the culture so that the world becomes more aware of the lives of those living around the Line of Control and the problems faced by the divided families.

Ubaid added; Nigaroo visuals consist of two parts. Initially, it presents the story of two youngsters living across LOC who want to meet, but they are helpless due to the current tough situation of IIOJK. In the end part, renowned artist & Chairman Youth Parliament Abrar-ul-Haq has included a urdu poem to give hope to the people of Kashmir that one day this oppression and barbarism will end and there will be peace and justice. This song will represent the feeling of love that represents among the people of Jammu and Kashmir. The soft cultural image among the people of Kashmir needs to be highlighted, and within the lyrics, this aspect is made clear.

Furthermore, Chairman Youth parliament Abrar ul Haq commented in an International Parliamentary Kashmir Conference about his upcoming Kashmiri cultural song. He also admired Kashmiri’s talent and their efforts towards highlighting the Kashmir cause. The song depicts the soft cultural image of Kashmir and the way through which the problems are having an impact on human behaviors is also highlighted.

President Ubaid Qureshi announced the release date by mentioning that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will release its worldwide with English subtitles. We are thankful to the MOFA to acknowledge and promote the volunteer initiative of Kashmiri youngsters. This will give a positive image of Kashmiri talent working for the Kashmir cause. We all must raise the voice for Kashmir as much as we can. Youth Parliament is a volunteer-based platform, and our motto is to develop a linkage between Youth and Government. We all feel delighted to present NIGAROO from the forum of Youth Parliament. On behalf of the Youth Parliament of Pakistan, I am thankful to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and every person who contributed voluntarily to make this possible and I am hopeful for a positive response and feedback from the peoples particularly the youth of Pakistan.