Muhammad Ali Sadapara


Faislan Shafa Isfahani
Prior the word “Muhammad Ali Sadapara” was revolving around mountains,Hearts of people and even most of the countries of the world.Muhammad Ali Sadapara who belongs one of the far flung area of Pakistan which is Gilgit Baltistan district Skardu.But nowadays he and his peers are in the land of K2 mountain the world second largest mountain. However,no one knows about him except the K2-mountain and the mountainer Muhammad Ali Sadapara itself.Iam talking about the mountainer who had started his expedition to summit K2-mountain in winter along with his 21 year old son Sajid Ali Sadapara,John snorri, from Iceland and John Pablo Mohr,from Chile.He says “It was my heartest desire to hoist Pakistan,s green crescent flag in the big mountains of the world,that’s why I initiated my journey with the same determination”.we have to know that the 44-year old mountainer MAS has previously climbed the five 8,000-meter high peaks in Pakistan K2-(8,611m),Gasherbrum-1(8,080m),Gasherbrum-2(8,034m),Nanga parbat(8,126m)and Broad peak(8,051m).He is the first Pakistani to have claimed Nanga parbat in winter.He has climbed 8,516m Lhotse peak,located on the border between Tibet region of China and Nepal and 8,485m Makalu peak and 8,156m Manaslu in Nepal without bottled oxygen last year.According to him,Mountains demand passion(Aap ki dillagi hone chahiyee parharoon Kay Sath),your heart needs to be in love with the mountains.These words of him are enough to explain how much patriotic he was and is,likewise it expresses how much he had indulged himself with mountains.Sadapara your family is waiting,millions are praying for you.Though,It has passed 4 days still there is no clue about these mountainers but The one and only hope that people think they will alive at this time is due to Sadapara,s previous words,which are also revolving around Social media”Don’t worry if one day I get lost in these mountains.I will build a house in the snow and return”.we hope you will prove it and still the whole nation is waiting for you.we Gilgit baltistani and the whole Pakistani nation demand to PM Imran khan to give NishanEPakistan to these real patriotic heros.We hope the government will think on this and gave NishanEPakistan to these legends. Muhammad Ali Sadapara have proved himself how much he is loyal with his country. now,all nation is looking toward PM Imran khan how he encourages these efforts of Sadapara.