Child labour in Pakistan


Gul Bahar Washdil
Child labour is like a cure in a society. It’s estimated that more than 12.5 million children are involved in child labour in Pakistan. Child labour is equal to cruelty and that is the main critical core problems of Pakistan that is increasing day by day. Basically, uneducated parents are the main criminals in this issue, because they force their children to work as labour during childhood in order to earn money to feed their families as well to survive in this world. Further, In Pakistan 38.8 percent of the population is living below poverty line and most of their children are working as labours. the rate of child labour is very high in Pakistan. Moreover, due to the child labour poverty, ignorance and illiteracy rate is around 55%. Thus, it is my humble request to the leaders of Pakistan to take actions regarding this issue and to finish child labour due to which our country is going backward day by day.