Ministry of Social Welfare directly reaches out to poor, needy: Syed Yawar Bukhari



ATTOCK: Provincial Minister for Social Welfare and Bait ul Maal Syed Yawar Bukhari said that the Ministry of Social Welfare directly reaches out to the poor, including those who are disabled in any way or those who have been abandoned by children.

“Yes and they are under the responsibility of the government. Previous governments did not give priority to this ministry. No minister wants to take over the ministry of social welfare and treasury because its funding is not enough. I have understood this ministry as a challenge. We depend less on the government”, Bukhari said during an exclusive interview with a local newspaper here on Tuesday.

He said that orphans, poor women and the elderly who have lost their children are going to do this and are working together with the private sector to uplift this institution. Unfortunately we don’t like to keep them at home. We are under the protection of the government. We not only feed the orphans but also pay for the school expenses. In Punjab, 36 industrialists are going to teach women skills and make them stand on their own feet. Bringing new courses The Ministry of Social Welfare is in touch with industries that need skills from two industries. Talks have been held. They need 6,000 skilled workers. We are bringing such courses which are in demand in the market. They said that 70/80 special children are making pants in Lahore. We are trying to make less educated children skilled and good citizens of the country. They are working on a project in collaboration with three organizations. Every year, 15,000 skilled children will be given jobs and those who cannot find jobs here will be sent to Europe, Germany, Japan and Arab countries so that they can get the salary they deserve. In response to a question, the villagers said that according to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vassal, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar has been adhering to the vassal that money should be spent on human beings. Rs 1 million universal health insurance to a poor person. Give a card in which he and his family will be able to get free treatment from any hospital in case of illness. Free facility like treatment for a poor man in times of inflation is no less than a blessing. Besides, poor girls have skills within the walls. We are going to start different courses to make Mand and I of my team “We are trying to ensure that none of our mothers, sisters, daughters, brothers or elders reach out to anyone,” he said, adding that they are bringing a brand of clothing which will be introduced first in Punjab and then in Pakistan. That we are not incompetent. The corrupt people who speak against us, if their truth is exposed, they will have to bow their heads in shame. Maryam Bibi used to say, “I don’t have a house in London or even in Pakistan. I ask them.” He had told the truth or lied. The leader who lied, pretended to be a politician and played with the people, did not accept the scalper. Now the people cannot be fooled. We should think beyond the parties and think of Pakistan. If it is run according to the rate, then there will never be any problem. Yes, like Hamza Shahbar, if two and a half hundred committees are formed from his ward, then the system of Zakat cannot be transparent. In response to a question, he said that our performance of two and a half years has been 35/40 years. The present government has done a remarkable job in health and education. A teacher will not be at the mercy of the MPA in the cycle of his transfer. Corruption of Rs 2.5 billion has been stopped within the department. Our government is going to build eleven new hospitals in Punjab. We are building six mother and child hospitals, one of which is going to be built in Attock at a cost of six rupees and will consist of two hundred and fifty beds and one hundred bedded children’s hospital. They are going to build a new block in the Civil Hospital at a cost of Rs. 25-30 Crore. A road is being constructed from Shen Bagh to POF Gate. A nursing school has been turned into a college. The district has been declared a model health district in which all BHUs will be provided with an ambulance in addition to a doctor. A new university has been approved and the Punjab government has been asked to give a charter. Only teachers will be provided by the government, as well as vocational centers and industrialists will be upgraded He said that if I succeed in my mission, I will get jobs in lakhs and not in thousands and the youth of Attock will be given priority. He said that between MNA Major Tahir Sadiq and Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Malik Amin Aslam There is a fight. Both of them carry weight in their respective places. In NA-56 by-election, PTI has been harmed by PTI. In their ego, Imran Khan will be the loser. If they do not come together, then whatever of them He said that the government is trying to control inflation. Now there is a clear reduction in the shortage of vegetables and fruits. Inshallah, inflation will be brought under control. He said that the local body system should be such that the district council The powers of the Chairman should be less as the same system will be effective in which the Village Council will be given priority as the Chairman District Council provides funds at its own expense which does not cost the money properly. And it is not the turn of our people to look to the Vadras, MPAs and MNAs Will not come.