Dead bodies of a couple found from Factory Near Gharo


By Kamran Khamiso Khowaja

Thatta: Dead bodies of a couple were found from the rest house of a chemical factory near Gharo on Monday morning.
The Deceased were identified as Dr. Ibrar Hussain and his Wife Dr. Rehana Ibrar residents of Karachi and were also the owner of the factory. Factory employees in their statement said that the couple arrived at the factory at around 10 a.m. and had breakfast. After half an hour they heard the hue and cry of both husband and wife, and when they reached there both of them were dead and their bodies were lying on the ground.
The death of the couple was shrouded in the mystery as police smelled deep-rooted conspiracy behind the death of the two. A police official said that it would be too early to declare the cause of death, samples collected from the bodies had been sent to the laboratory for chemical examination to ascertain the actual cause of death. No marks of violence were found on their bodies while police were also not ruling out the possibility of death by way of poisonous substances.
Further, it was learnt by this correspondent that Dr. Ibrar was a noted scientist who had set up a factory in the outskirts of Gharo town in partnership with a Karachi-based businessman.
The late Dr. Ibrar was conducting research on different chemical formulas in the factory that was under his administrative control for a few years, He and his wife used to come to the factory regularly. Police sources said that they were looking into different aspects of mysterious deaths.