Long March staged against encroachment of Keenjhar Ramsar Site.


By Kamran Khamiso Khowaja

Thatta: Members of Civil Society, social activists, leaders of nationalists parties, and people from different segments of life staged a long march from Chiliya to Thatta against the occupation of Chiliya point land around the legendary lake Keenjhar here on Sunday.
Led by Ayaz Lashari and Hyder Shoro the participants of the Long march raised slogans against the land grabbers who have illegally occupied the Ramsar wetland of Chiliya point around the Keenjhar Lake and land of other historical sites of district Thatta.
The district President of STP Jalal Shah, Head of Brohi Itehad Azad Asghar Brohi and others launched a diatribe against the facilitators of land grabbers. They said that occupation of state-owned lands and usurpation of the resources was impossible without bureaucratic support. they contended that; the motive of bureaucrats behind facilitating these land grabbers was to make money.
Ayaz Lashari warned the people of Thatta that if they did not come out against the usurpation of their resources, their coming generations would live their lives like slaves and non-natives would rule them.
People tossed rose petals over the participants of the long march when they reached Thatta after covering the distance of around 25 kilometers afoot.
They demanded stern action against land grabbers and their facilitators.