JL supports govt’s position on open balloting in Senate elections



Lahore,  (Parliament Times) : Rana Zaman Saeed, Head of Pakistan Jamhoori League, while supporting the government’s position for open balloting in the Senate elections, has said that the opposition should also support the government for legislation leaving behind their stubbornness. The necessity of time is to make Parliament and democracy free from corruption. He said that those who support corruption are guilty of the nation and they should not be forgiven. Talking to party central secretary general Sohail Ahmed and others on Monday, Pakistan Jamhoori League chief Rana Zaman Saeed said that there was no doubt that all the problems in Pakistan today were due to the corruption of previous governments . At the same time, the opposition parties have a responsibility to work for the elimination of tax evasion, corruption and for transparency and merit in the country so that the country can be saved from cancer like tax evasion and corruption. “Votes are always stolen in the Senate elections and the decision of the present government to hold the Senate elections through open ballot is correct and we also fully support the Presidential Ordinance,” he said. He said that the opposition should give priority to national interests over their political and personal interests because Pakistan is first and foremost for us.