CM Punjab vows to bring up prosperities in far-flung areas of province



LAHORE : A whole host of people held meetings with Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar in Sakhi Sarwar and presented their applications to him. The CM issued directions to the administration and assured to use every governmental support to resolve their problems. Reiterating his commitment to ensuring composite development, the CM emphasised that the incumbent government will change the destiny of the people. I am the advocate of the rights of the most backward and far-flung areas and the development process has been extended to once backward cities, he maintained. It is the first time that the development process has been extended to such far-flung and remote areas, the CM said. This composite development process will not stop here but will be accelerated to ensure composite development, he further said. Regrettably, the past rulers gave preference to their like and dislike, instead of fulfilling the genuine needs, and resources were, intentionally, kept limited to some specific cities, he held. He regretted that blunders were committed in the past while the incumbent PTI-led government has put an end to this erroneous tradition of using resources according to personal desires. A number of areas remained deprived of resources and poverty-stricken due to the impeded development spanning over many years, he regretted. It is deplorable that past rulers paid no attention to far-flung areas’ development and credit goes to the PTI-led government that the resources have been turned towards deprived areas. The development projects will usher in an era of real change at the grassroots as the time has come to put an end to deprivations of the far-flung areas, he stressed. The CM assured that good days will come soon as the process of changing rules has been completed for the recruitment of locals. He said the local will be given preference for recruitment in health, education, police and other departments. Ongoing projects will be completed soon in Sakhi Sarwar and water will be made available in abundance for agriculture purposes and human use after the construction of a network of small and intermediate dams, he added. Similarly, handpumps will also be provided for water supply in far-flung areas of Pachad, he said.

While discussing the development vision, the CM added that educational and health institutions of backward areas were being upgraded. The government is committed to extending free treatment facility to every citizen of the province by December, he emphasised. The government is the custodian of resources and equitable utilization of funds has been ensured to secure composite development. The most backward areas have been given funds, for the first time, and midnight oil was burnt to develop them. The government will make every effort for the prosperity of the neglected areas, he pledged. I am committed to change the destiny of the deprived areas and the objective will be achieved, the CM stressed.

DG Khan’s commissioner, DC, DPO and others were also present.