“A vague Crescent”


The moment I close my eyes,

I profoundly feel you by my side

embracing my indelible scars.

I feel your soothing hands holding mine.

Your bewitching eyes gazing at mine.

Your beats syncing with mine.

Your fingers tangled in my tresses.

The moment I feel you to my veins,

I feel you painting my suffocating soul

with shades of warmth.

I discern your essence

casing my shattered core.

I discover you effacing

the ravages of life from my dungeon.

I perceive you weaving

the webs of harmony in my head.

Let me again plant desires

In this relinquished heart.

Let me dwell in the ambience

of your pious heart

And flow in the veins

of your vivacious being.

Let me free myself

from these fetters of agony

And wear your imperfections

as Ornaments.

Let your arms be my eternal refuge

And the lands of love be our destination.

I know it is all my insight

But I don’t want to blend with reality.

All I want is breathe, breathe and breathe!

Breathe in your aura, an atmosphere of tranquility.

All I want is to behold your breath,

For beholding your breath

will be such a SUBLIME delight to behold!

Author : Bazila Shah