US and India strategic alliance and balance of power in South Asia


Muhammad Ajmal
A great leader of a great nation means to say that a Nation’s greatness depends on its leader. A true honest representative is the backbone of any society. Duefacto Pishin,is an important District that connect many cities of Pakistan to another.Pishin District has given many talented people and bureaucrats to Pakistan for its development. Pishin District has unfortunate political leaders which are quiet after seeing all these problems. After Finally District pishin got well educated emerged politician named Malik Sajid khan Kakar is renowned personality belong to pishin district. He has been nominated for balochistan assembly by Election PB 20 Pishin 3 as anindependent candidate from Kili haji Abdullah khan tehsil saranan district Pishin. Hereceived his early education to graduate education from Quetta. For undergraduate level he went Lahore and studied bachelor in political science at Forman Christian College. Then for Arabic and Islamic studies he went Turkey where he received Alma mater from Ibn Haldun Univesitesi.It is time for young generation of pishin to change their ideology with the passage of time, “change your thought make your future bright.”Al Quran: Verily! Allah will not change the condition of a people as long they do not change their state themselves. As we know thatin 21st century number of people has landed on Moon and other planets but we still clench in our mesh of problems lack of education, lack of library, lack of hospitals, especially in Pishin.Therefore Malik Sajid khan kakar is the only and last hope of the Pishin district and he possesses all the qualities of a great representative to steer district out of this mesh of current problems. In the end, time has come to change fate of District pishin. Your vote is your voice, especially it is sole responsibility of youth of pishin select that reprenstative which bring change in society and raise voice for our basic issue at provincial assembly platform issue like health, education, lack of library.Duefacto Malik Sajid kakar is a true reprensentative is engaged in the welfare of others. He possess an insatiable desire of service enabling people to come together for dialogue and build the foundation of trust and hope in societies. Finally a true leader shape nations, communities and business. Having good representative to help guide us and make large scale decision keeps the society moving forword.Time has come for the young generation of Pishin change your life, make your future bright. Profound ideology, positive thoughts, optimism, humbleness, remembering past, consistent struggle, commitment and firm belief in Allah Almighty can change your thought make your future bright.