PNC protect nursing profession and strengthen Health care system.


ISLAMABAD,   (Parliament Times)  : Pakistan Nursing Council is an organization that protect the nursing profession and strengthen the health care system. Its main responsibility is to facilitate the private nursing colleges and schools through out Pakistan. Federal Government clearly gave a vision to add 300,000 nurses by year 2023. Diploma was phase out but there is no way out with PNC to meet the target. What to say of meeting the target production nurses dropped from 12000 to 2000 per annum. Degree program BSN was restricted and million of rupees have been incurred over useless visits instead to convert all those colleges that were running the three diplomas to fill the gap. But useless restrictions violating the spirit of PNC Act , almost all the schools were deprived. Only those schools were allowed for BSN either their owners were PNC employees or who paid bribe in millions. PNC record, inspection reports and minutes of the various session clearly define thier criteria of red tap and napotism. Who shall be responsible of the loss to public health. Billion of rupees in the shape of stipends were awarded to near and dears. Article 25 and 38 has frequently been violated and owners of the public colleges have devastated financially. The arrogancy of the administration of PNC caused for corruption , favoritism and huge loss to the profession as well to public health. Various colleges have been closed in contravention to section 18 of PNC Act. Performance audit may betterly define thier performance. Federal ministry has also failed to harness their evils. PNC submit no annual report even to Ministry because thier efficiency is limited to salaries and bribe. During the present Government the performance of PNC stand at zero and there is none to act against them. President of Pakistan is requested to kindly 2019 as year of nursing and issue orders for thier regular as well performance audit. PNC present administration auctioned the valuable assets in contravention to rules and regulations. They recruited 10 employees without the authorization of Federal Government and without codal formalities. Their data is totally fallacious and non matcheable to facts. They through verbosity satisfy the high administration but the situations are not like that. Pity the nation and Federal Government that still fight shadows. Registrar PNC willfully keep the key positions vacant to utlize the power vacuum. Hassan kasi a BS-19 Provincial officer and vice president PNC intend to join PNC as deputy registrar Be-18 post on deputation basis with out involvement of Federal government. He also want to bring his corrupt crony Muslim shah, a private school employee as Deputy Registrar. Fauzia Mushtaq loose and lose administration divided the nursing council into war factions and the result is that union is developed under the banner of Asif Shah, Supt , PNC sponsored by hassan kasi. Two parallel system of inspections regarding the nursing schools is manuering especially in Karachi. That break the back bone of nursing profession in Karachi. The Government itself has no capacity to do something for the profession and political leadership in PNC further fucked the system. There are only 300 MSN in Pakistan out of which 187 were sent to other countries. The country need stand at 700 and during 2019 it was decided that they shall import 200 MSN and 50 PHD nursing scholar from Phillipine but its vice versa. Bravo the leadership and administration in Federal Health Ministry that proves NERO who is whistling at such a alarming conditions. The Government is requested to desolve the Existing Council , fresh elections be held , the corrupt and impotent President , vice president and Registrar be replaced. Visionary body and leadership be brought on the analogy of PM & DC and present corrupt and immoral officials of PNC be debarred from their services.