Oppressed OJK seek freedom as per UN Charter: Rana Akhtar


Lahore: Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Central Punjab deputy secretary information Rana Akthar has condemned Indian atrocities and blatant human rights violations in occupied jammu and Kashmir. Indian Parliment rovoked articles 35-A and 370 of the constitution on 5 August 2019 which gave a special status to kashmir in to two territories to be ruled directly by New Delhi Thus implementing the Hindutva ideology. The fashist modis’s government unliterally annexed to kashmir to turn Muslim majority in to minority and also amended a law allowing Indian citizens to buy land in the Kashmir and issued domicile certificates to more then 5000,000 non Kashmiris. Deputy Secretary Information PTI Central Punjab Rana Akthar Hussain issued his statement on Sunday. He said PM lmran khan is ambassador of KKashmir.He exposed the real face of Modi and Hindutva idiology to all over the world. He said Now more then 18 months have been passed but Indian strict military lock down in Kashmir continues in order to conceal Indias state terrorism Kashmir has been cut off from rest of the world. . He added, he said Pakistan will continue moral and diplomatic support to Kashmiris peoples. They are demanding right to self determination as per UN Charter and fourth Geneva Convention. it’s legitimate legal and inherent right of self determination and freedom from the oppression. Independence of Kashmir is right of Kashmiri people. Insh’Allah that time is not far away when Kashmir will become a part of Pakistan.
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