Kashmir Solidarity Day observed by Paris-Jammu and Kashmir Forum, France and PPP France


From Sardar Zulfiqar Aziz

Paris-Jammu and Kashmir Forum France and Pakistan Peoples Party France organized “Kashmir Solidarity Day” despite tight COVID- 19 SOPS imposed by French authorities in the country. Pakistan Peoples Party president Chaudhry Razzaq Dhalle and Jammu Kashmir president Mirza Asif Jarral did their best to carefully organized the solidarity activity with Kashmiries and highlighting the Indian double face to the world. Pakistan to continue supporting kashmir freedom movent what comes, said Amjad Aziz qazi Pakistan chage d’affire in France while address the kashmir solidarity day in Paris the other day. Mr Qazi assured the kashmiries of all diplomatic and moral support of the satate of Pakistan and urged the UNSC to fulfil its responsibilities regarding the Kashmir resolution which Indian successive governments have been disrespecting for the last 70 years.
The entire Pakistani nation stands united and salutes to the Kashmiris for their seven decades old struggle for self-determination against the Indian invasion. Because the Pakistani nation considers Kashmir as the life-line of Pakistan and it is the guarantor of its survival. Therefore, the struggle for independence will continue till the completion of independence and sovereignty of Kashmir. In their just struggle of independence, every pakistani individual will continue to pour his share of oil. Apart from the Pakistani and Kashmiri community, the staff of Pakistan Embassy in France also attended the event. The speakers said that as long as Kashmir is ruled by Indian miscreants and aggressors , Pakistan will not remain silent and India’s hidden face under the guise of so-called democracy will continue to be exposed to the world. Kashmir Solidarity Day is an expression of complete unity and solidarity with Kashmiris. Which the Pakistani nation has been observing with uninterrupted enthusiasm for many years.