Quetta: Traffic Woes


Huzoor Rahim
Quetta is widely known as the capital of Baluchistan and is one of most severe populated cities of the country.The tumbledown road network of the city is a speculative of hundredths’ old roads, established with no technology at disposal. The small-scale lanes throughout the city can barely accommodate such a considerable population. Citizens face a great deal of complications, and predominantly, it leads to a swag of stumbling block to ambulances and alternative vehicles. It appears to be tremendously stomach-churning that the totality of the traffic signals are defective. To boot, roads are fairly obstructed in account of deficiency of parking areas. The personnel on duty seems to be engaged in executing the law on poor class, while the rest breach the traffic laws. I entreaty ask the citizens to keep away from parking on road sides and concerned authorities are required to pay expected heed to this exceedingly major issue.