PANAH’s objective to stop deadly diseases continue for 36 years till now



ISLAMABAD,   (Parliament Times)  :The Pakistan National Heart Association (PANAH), in collaboration with the Pakistan Health Research Council (PHRC) conducted a public survey on complex diseases and mortality caused by excessive consumption of sugary drinks.Preliminary polling was conducted in Islamabad and surrounding areas, with 72% of people supporting the implementation of Tax on Sugary Drinks ,To prevent NCDs, including heart,cancer, obesity, and other diseases.

Major General (retd) Masood-ur-Rehman Kayani, President Pakistan National Heart Association (PANAH) hosted the initial launch of the Public Survey Report on Sugar Drinks.The special guest was Dr. Noshin Hamid, Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Member National Assembly. The event was attended by Additional Secretary Health Department, representatives of government ,welfare organization and journalists.

Sana Ullah Ghumman, General Secretary (PANAH) thanked the distinguished guests and media representatives and said that hard work brings positive result only through collective effort.Government representatives and the Media are greatly appreciated for taking a positive view of the role of PANAH in protecting the health of the people and for providing information to the public.Your cooperation will help in building a disease free society.

PANAH President Major General (Retd) Masood-ur-Rehman Kayani said that PANAH give awareness about Dangerous diseases including Heart from last 36 years, And also working to prevent them.We are also working with law and policy makers.Today’s event also aims to pave the way for the prevention of disease-causing agents.We strive to raise our women, adults and especially children, in a healthy environment.

Dr. Muhammad Arif Nadeem in charge of Pakistan Health Research Council (PHRC) Survey briefed the participants on the public survey report.He said that The purpose of the survey was to get an opinion on the causes of other deadly diseases including heart, obesity, cancer and diabetes.You may be surprised to learn that one in five people in every household has obesity, 1 in 4 has high blood pressure, and 1 in 3 has diabetes.2 out of every 3 children living in Islamabad suffer from obesity.More than 1 in 3 people say that sugary drinks are the main cause of obesity and 60% say that excessive consumption of sweets is the cause of complex diseases.79.9 out of 100 people reject the use of sugary drinks, 72.3 people support tax increase for prevention of obesity and NCD diseases and 66.8 people support imposition of additional tax on sugar drinks, So that the revenue collected can be spent only on public health issues.

Munawar Hussain, a representative of Global Health Advocacy Incubator, while highlighting the objectives of the public survey, said that the people have made it clear in their opinion that the government should play its role in preventing the factors that harm human health.

Dr. Khawaja Masood, National Coordinator, Nutrition, Health Department, said that international research has proved that Taxing sugary sugary drinks is an effective strategy,Not only this, with the help of reduce the consumption of sugary drinks , It will also increase revenue for the country.

Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman, Additional Secretary, Department of Health, said that the government was working to control NCDs.The government values public opinion.Working day and night to solve the problems of the people, not all is possible with the cooperation of all of you,I appreciated the efforts of PANAH and others are identifying the causes of diseases.

Chief Guest Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Member National Assembly Dr. Noshin Hamid said that Improving public health is a priority for the PTI Government.The Government has taken a number of policy-making decisions on this, in order to provide quality health care to the people, including the provision of Insaf cards.I assure you that our Ministry is working with the National Assembly to get access to the factors involved in the passage of the Health Levy Bill.In addition, the Nutrition and NCD team is working on the FBR’s proposal to increase the federal excise duty in the upcoming Finance Bill.It is important to educate adults, especially children, about discouraging the consumption of sugary drinks.I and my team stand with the Pakistan National Heart Association, the Global Health Advocacy Incubator and other stakeholders.I also assure you of all possible cooperation. I am very grateful to Pakistan National Heart Association (PANAH).Who sought public opinion to prevent factors that could harm public health,My support is always with you for this noble cause.