Team of doctors to examine girl consuming petrol for two years


By Kamran Khamiso Khowaja

Sujawal: A team of doctors will reach village Mammu Malah today a village of Taluka Jati for the medical examination of a minor girl Jannat Malah, consuming petrol for two years.

District Commissioner Sujawal M. Ismail Memon took notice of the miserable plight of the girl and directed District Health Officer for medical examination of the girl putting up with the life-taking addiction.

The District Commissioner has said that the life of 7-year-old Jannat Malah would be saved at any cost.

The Father of the girl told the media that; His daughter had been consuming petrol for two years and if they stopped her from consumption she went ballistic.

Further, he said that his daughter was suffering from mental illness since her childhood, and she started consuming petrol surreptitiously two years ago and amid financial constraints, it was hard for him to afford the expenses of her daughter,s treatment

When this correspondent contacted a doctor who did not want to be named said that; The girl could be treated through a phycologist, as it was an addiction a psychologist would help her do away with it; he added.

However, members of civil society and the general public have lauded the efforts of local journalists for taking the issue to higher authorities.

A journalist on condition of anonymity told this correspondent that; If they had not highlighted the issue people of the area would have come up with the opinion that the girl had been possessed by a jinn.