Shahi Bagh needs attention of concerned authorities to preserve the heritage.

Adeel Alvi
SHIKARPUR: Shikarpur has famous for historical buildings and architectural work and recreational places Shahi Bagh [Royal Garden) is most popular in Shikarpur. Shahi Bagh had famous for its most variety of beautiful flowers and a zoo with a large number of animals including lions, cheetahs, bears, and wild boars, these animals reported to shift to Karachi, and has wooden pavilion located in its center.
The Shahi Bagh was made with the architectural design of wooden and walls and large entrances from all four directions and constructed by sir. W Merewether Lockyer, Commissioner of Sindh in September 1871.
Though the District Administration Shikarpur has renovated many times, still Shahi Bagh needs attention because sub-standard work has been done during its renovation or construction.
Zahid Bhanbhro, a representative of Save Shikarpur, expressed his great reservations regarding substandard work and demanded that Shahi Bagh is an asset of Shikarpur therefore Municipal authorities should concentrate on its beautification and proper work of renovation because Shahi Bagh is our pride and we would not compromise to destroy recreational places of Shikarpur.

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