Need applied research to deal with climate change and water scarcity: Fakhar Imam


Khalid Sibtain ;

ISLAMABAD,(Parliament Times): Syed Fakhar Imam, Minister of National Food Security and Research gave closing remarks at a Seminar on the Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture by Four Brothers Group Pakistan that took place at Pearl-Continental Hotel Bhurban via Zoom. The minister talked about wheat, cotton and sugarcane among other crops and how Pakistan needs to start value addition to its crops. Pakistan is one of the few countries that is effected by climate change as Pakistan is majorly agricultural. And with the changing climatic changes, seed technology and genetic engineering is of utmost importance as to adapt to the changing climate and water scarcity. The minister also pointed out that rain and precipitation effects pests and disease in crops. For this, applied research is necessary to facilitate farmers. Pakistan has started working with China as well for the exchange of information for research regarding agriculture technology and genetic engineering. He further added that the ministry has worked on seed traceability, germination, capacity of production, and purity of seed to facilitate the farmers to recover from the ongoing seed shortage in Pakistan. The minister said that the cotton seed has primary focus. Syed Fakhar Imam said that the ministry will try to give subsidy for the cotton seed, pesticide and fertilizer and set up a minimum support price as well. Conclusively, the minister applauded the scientists at work for the betterment of the agricultural sector and said that the agricultural sector in Pakistan will start seeing better days with the help of research and the governments support.