Maryam’s speech would depict voice of Kashmir on 5 February: Mushtaq Minhas


Bagh,  (Parliament Times) :  PML-N Chief Organizer Minister for Information, Tourism, Sports and Youth Affairs Raja Mushtaq Ahmed Minhas while encouraging the bravery of Kashmiris has said that zealous Kashmiri people will give a warm welcome to the fearless daughter of Pakistan Quaid Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on 5 February. In his statement, the Information Minister said that the PDM leadership coming to Muzaffarabad to show solidarity with the Kashmiris, a clear message would be sent to India that the entire nation was united for the liberation of occupied Kashmir. He said that India has occupied Kashmir aggressively which Kashmiris do not accept under any circumstances. He also said that Kashmiris’ struggle for independence will continue till freedom is achieved from India. He said that Kashmir Solidarity Day is over. The nation will unite and reaffirm its commitment that all resources will be utilized for the fulfillment of the mission of the martyrs of Kashmir. He further said that there was a peaceful solution as per the wishes of the people. The message that Maryam Nawaz will give to India from Kashmir Independence Base Camp Muzaffarabad on Kashmir Solidarity Day will be the voice of the entire nation. He said that the day is not far when the sacrifices of Kashmiri martyrs will come to fruition as it will become part of Pakistan.