“Future of IBA passed head masters/head mistresses”


Ali Gul Leghari-Johi
In 2016, Sindh Education And Literacy Department recruited Head Masters/Head Mistresses (BPS-17) against the vacant positions throughout Sindh. The recruitment process was conducted through thrid party SIBA testing service. More than 950 successful candidates were selected and posted in different schools. After completing their three years probational period, their contract was extended for one year. Now as their contract period has come to and end, Sindh Education Literacy Department has decided to re-advertise all these posts through competitive test to be conducted by SPSC. High Court Sindh has also favoured the decision of Sindh Government on the point that from BPS 17 and onwards, all the positions can only be filled through competitive examinations by SPSC as per rules and regulations. The only leniency given to existing Head Masters/Head Mistresses is that they will keep receiving their salaries till the re-advertisement of these posts. Isn’t it joke for the in-service employees? Sindh Education and Literacy Department is already having the issue of shortage of teachers throughout the Province.  Six months ago it was admitted by Education Department Sindh that more than 37000 posts are vacant in different schools. If the third party’s test for recruitment of BPS 17 is not valid as per law, then why IBA was chosen for HM’s recruitment process and why not SPSC at that time? SPSC has already lost its reputation in past on the basis of serious allegations regarding transparency then how it can be expected that the pure merit system will be held? Sindh Government should realize the condition and future of in-service Head Masters/Head Mistresses. When a candidate who burns mid night oil, qualifies tests, gets a job on his ability feels job security and works sincerely, when a candidate gets Government job, he leaves his previous job forever because he believes that he will be permanent one day. And in the end, how does he feel when he is told appear in another competitive test to become permanent? His all efforts end into smoke. It is my humble request to Chief Minister Sindh, Education Minister and Honourable High court to review their decision regarding reappointment of HMs. If SPSC test is the only way for recruitment of these post, it should be conducted in the presence of High Court officials like in recent CCE 2020 to ensure the transparency. Moreover, the test of HMs should be conducted departmental rather than advertisement, at first stage, only in-service HMs should be allowed to appear in the test. After their recruitment process, an open advertisement for all should be announced.