Stern action will be taken against anonymous Havelian Journalist : Humalian press Club alarms


Haveli, ( Umar Butt) : On important notice from President Humalian Press Club (HPC) a meeting was held at Humalian press Club kahuta under the chairmanship of President HPC , Shiekh Waheed here on Saturday.
Members of Humalian Press Club belongs to Print and Electronic media were participated in this secession ,
In a meeting chaired by President HPC , Shiekh Waheed alonging others Journalist staff ,the President decided to take stick action against Anonymous Journalists.
He added that several cases was occured of copy material news item in last several weeks that is an almaring situation now this will not be allowed ,If occur will be taken action under the rules of law.
Meanwhile he pointed about the Several Facebook pages , I’d which are in the procedure of news distributing that are not legal , notices will be issued to these Facebook pages holder personality about to [stop this procedure ] and if not be corrected then be reported to concerned departments, he further added.
Anonymous Journalists are working with state web channels , the person neither have relevant Degree in this field nor have any experience of reporting , such type of non professional person are not allowed to take part in any event.
By adding this , the President of HPC and members decided to issue a notice to those channels who have such a mysterious type of Journalist.