Sardar Tanveer Ilyas continues meetings with political personalities


Founder President PTI Dr. Lutf Ur Rehman also joins hands with angered workers.

ISLAMABAD,(Parliament Times): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) senior leader and special assistant to Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan is continuing to hold meetings with various political personalities of Azad Kashmir. Founder President of ETI Azad Kashmir Dr. Lutf Ur Rehman also met Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan and expressed his confidence in him along with his colleagues and decided to strengthen the party together. While appreciating the services of Dr. Lutf Ur Rehman for the party Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan said that now is the time for the basic and ideological workers of the party to intensify their struggle and make the party the number one party for elections. He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has laid his hands on the corrupt mafia in Pakistan and all their cries have gone out. The journey of development and change in Pakistan is going on successfully.

Dr. Lutf Ur Rehman replied that Chairman Imran Khan has chosen him for his political role in Azad Kashmir with confidence. “We welcome you”, he added. Sardar Tanveer further said that the PTI government, realizing the plight of the poor, has started issuing health cards to all without any allocation. Such measures are what foster welfare societies. He said that Imran Khan’s fundamental and ideological workers and leaders in Azad Kashmir faced the difficult political situation with courage. “We will respect all party workers and take them with us”, he added. He said that all those who want to work for the betterment of the people of Azad Kashmir and the state, including PTI, should come under the umbrella of PTI. Together we will change Azad Kashmir. He further said that party leaders and workers should keep only one goal at present so that honest and transparent people can join the party as much as possible.