Jami Chandio stresses to follow Shah Latif’s Message


By Kamran Khamiso Khowaja
Thatta: A literary gathering to discuss the importance of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai,s poetry in today,s world organized by the Education and Literary wing of Labours Struggle Forum took place at Thatta press club here on Saturday evening.
Eminent Literarian columnist and historian Jami Chadio the guest speaker at the event said “Latif is not only a source of inspiration for us but the rest of the world. His poetry is filled with the messages of courage, love, wisdom, unity, and constant struggle.
Jami Further Said that; What Latif wrote during the 18th century depicted today’s world, he taught us human values, ethics, and norms through which we could live our lives in a dignified manner.
Latif is a globally recognized figure whose meaningful poetry inspires us to confront hard times with courage; He said
Jami Chandio elaborating Further Said that; Latif was a philosopher and his poetry is a science and Sindhi was the first nation to have benefited from his work.
Expressing concerns over the approach of the young generation towards literature he said that; Our young generation had no time to explore different aspects of Latif,s poetry but it would be a great source of motivation and internal satisfaction to them. He stressed to follow the path shown by Latif.
President of Thatta Press Club Muhammad Iqbal Khwaja, Aijaz Jakhro, Jalal Shah, Dast Ali Laghari, and others also addressed on the occasion.